Trial looms in Makaylah Brent killing

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A man accused of opening fire at a park in Del Paso Heights in 2020, killing a 9-year-old girl and injuring several others, has been scheduled to face trial in mid-January.

Laise Burton Hands, 23, appeared in custody at a hearing back in August, where he was held to answer on five felonies including murder, assault, and gun charges. He listened as the aunt of Makaylah Brent, the girl he allegedly shot, recalled a grey Mercedes-Benz pulling up to the park as a man got out and opened fire.

“I watch all the shots come out the gun. I never hit the ground,” the woman, Ashleigh Brent, recalled on the stand. “I watched the clip get emptied on me.”

That man, she said on the stand, was Hands.

Hands, who performs in the local rap scene under the name Biggs Osama, was seemingly firing towards another young musician, Lil Ty Bud, as he sat on a green electrical box. Prosecutors didn’t specify any alleged gang affiliations at the preliminary hearing, however, have previously said the shooting at the park enflamed a South Sacramento gang rivalry between the Oak Park Bloods, the Garden Blocc Crips, G-Mobb, and Guttah Gas Team.

The shooting was said to have “set in motion” the events that led to the mistaken identity killing of Jaylen Betschart by 29th Street Crip affiliate Curtis Slaton later the same day. Slaton is currently serving life without parole at Pelican Bay State Prison as prosecutors weigh possibly charging his stepson as an adult.

Brent testified that she had left a nearby restaurant and went to the park, with her niece and daughter, to purchase marijuana. While there, the trio linked up with some family members they knew and began discussing plans for later in the day. A fish fry was taking place just across the park and Makaylah and her cousin were play-fighting.

At one point, the woman testified, the gray Mercedes pulled up alongside Lil Ty Bud’s car, stopping in the middle of the street. The driver hopped out, upped a semiautomatic handgun, and began to fire. Bullets whizzed through the park, striking Lil Ty Bud, Ms. Brent, her daughter, and her niece, Makaylah, in the chest – a fatal injury.

Homicide detective Larry Trimpey, the second witness called to the stand, described how eleven shell casings littered the street, two .40 caliber and nine 9-millimeter. He responded to the scene of the shooting, where Lil Ty Bud told him he was shot in the back while rolling a blunt. Another witness told investigators that Bud “looked like the guy the shooter was gunning for.”

Trimpey was able to link the Mercedes to Hands using surveillance video – the car had the same license plate and “distinct damage” on the front grill to a car that was pulled over, with Hands driving, five days before the shooting.

Hands was arrested on October the 6th in Red Bluff after a witness ID’d him as the shooter in photos and a live line-up.

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