Stockton pimp gets 11 years for trafficking teen runaway

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. —  A Stockton man was sentenced to 11 years in federal prison for trafficking a teenage runaway for sex last year, officials with the Department of Justice in Sacramento said in a brief announcement Thursday.

Angel Sanchez-Manriquez, 22, pleaded guilty in August to one count of sex trafficking of a child in a deal with federal prosecutors. As part of the plea agreement, prosecutors asked the court to sentence Manriquez to just one year above his 10-year mandatory minimum sentence. A US District Judge followed that recommendation.

David Fischer, a lawyer for Sanchez-Manriquez, had asked a US Judge to sentence his client to the mandatory minimum. In court filings, Fischer argued that Sanchez-Manriquez’ chaotic upbringing, addiction to drugs at a young age, and expression of remorse entitled him to the mandatory minimum.

“Mr. Sanchez-Manriquez is asking the Court for a downward variance to 120
months of imprisonment based on his age, his history of childhood abuse and neglect, his acceptance of responsibility, and his expression of remorse for his conduct,” Fischer wrote. “He looks forward to remaking his life by enrolling in vocational and drug rehabilitation programs within the Bureau of Prisons.”

According to court documents, a federal probe into Sanchez-Manriquez began after a 15-year-old girl held at Juvenile Hall in Yuba County, referred to in court documents as A.G. and known to The Update as Alexis, made a call to who she said was her grandfather in November of 2020. She was held on charges stemming from a fight.

During the call, Alexis called the man “baby” and “babe” several times before facility staff terminated the call.

The man on the other line, an FBI agent wrote, was Sanchez-Manriquez, 21 at the time. An internet search of the number Alexis called, performed by officials, returned a slew of online advertisements featuring the young girl as a prostitute-for-hire on, a website associated with escorting.

Alexis was front-and-center in over 70 advertisements, topped off with names like “Snow Bunny” and “Snow Bunny in Stockton.” One of the advertisements, viewed by The Update through a web cache, depicted the girl as a 19-year-old who was willing to “please you in any way I could”, but had several limits as to what sex acts she was willing to undertake. The phone number listed under the contact section of the advertisements was controlled by Sanchez-Manriquez and paid for by his mother, Yesenia.

After a federal subpoena, provided information regarding the account that posted the prostitute advertisements featuring Alexis. Sanchez-Manriquez’s email and phone number was tied to the account. A search of Alexis’ phone, kept at the Yuba County Sheriff’s Office, revealed several photos of the teen and Sanchez-Manriquez posing in bed together. She was sometimes partially nude.

Following Alexis’ stint in juvie, FBI investigators interviewed the girl’s mother, who said she had confronted Sanchez-Manriquez over text message and he began threatening her. According to prosecutors, Sanchez-Manriquez wrote that he would “have my people handle yo stupid ass,” and said his “mom and cousin gonna fuck u up” before sending several photos of Glock firearms with a final warning message:

“And if u think of calling cops we got bail money don’t be scared now, u wanted to start problems now u got them,” he wrote.

On December 19th, 2020, investigators interviewed Sanchez-Manriquez in front of his home in Stockton, where he waived his Miranda rights and agreed to speak to authorities. There, Angel informed police of his phone number, tying him to the prostitution advertisements and threatening conversation with Alexis’ mother.

Sanchez-Manriquez told police that he and Alexis had dated for a week before he learned she was 15 and abruptly cut the relationship off. He told authorities that several friends of his said she was 15, but he didn’t believe it until Alexis’ mom told him so.

As the probe into Sanchez-Manriquez deepened, officials began to recover messages where he arranged dates for Alexis with potential sex buyers, one of which came to fruition at a Motel 6 on November 8. The individual paid Alexis $100 for sex between 9:00 and 10:00 a.m, but was interrupted by a series of angry texts from Sanchez-Manriquez after she failed to pick up the phone.

“Imma have my black homies in room 225 go get u,” he wrote. “They been watching u. If U don’t answer.”

Alexis responded, “I have a trick rn,” which is street slang for a sex-buyer.

As the investigation was finally being wrapped up, officials recovered a damning video of Sanchez-Manriquez engaged in sex with Alexis. In the video, authorities say, he gave the girl verbal instructions as the duo engaged in oral sex. That video, among others, was used by prosecutors to portray Sanchez-Manriquez as a reckless misogynist with no regard for Alexis’ wellbeing.

“Sanchez-Manriquez treated fifteen-year-old A.G. like a piece of property who existed to finance his lifestyle of drugs, alcohol, and guns,” Assistant US Attorney Sam Stefanki said in a brief. “Prior law enforcement interventions failed to deter Sanchez-Manriquez’s criminal conduct. In fact, despite those interventions, his criminality is becoming more severe as he graduates from drug and property crimes to sexually exploiting a child.”

Ethan Biando
Ethan Biando is a freelance journalist from Sacramento. His writing focuses on crime, courts, and policing. Find him on Twitter @ethanb822

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