Probe launched over ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ sticker seen on officer’s SUV in tense interaction with copwatcher

CaliTito via YouTube

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Police are investigating the presence of a political sticker seen on the rear window of an officer’s patrol SUV during a tense interaction with a YouTube blogger, the department told The Update on Sunday.

“The Sacramento Police Department is aware of politically affiliated stickers that were placed on a marked patrol vehicle in the downtown area. At this time, these incidents are being investigated as vandalism to city property,” the department’s PIO team said via email.

The sticker was seen on the patrol SUV of Sergeant Jason Kirtland in a downtown-area video filmed by YouTuber Cali Tito, whose persistent and often aggressive filming tactics have previously landed him in legal trouble.

The YouTuber followed Kirtland as he pulled out of the St. Rose of Lima Park Light Rail Station at the intersection of 9th and K, shouting unrelated questions at him before appearing to notice the sticker.

“Why do you have a Let’s Go Brandon sticker on your cruiser?” the man asked. “Isn’t that against department policy? Are you endorsing a political candidate?”

‘Let’s Go Brandon’ is a minced oath for “Fuck Joe Biden”, used by Republican politicians and other right-leaning individuals critical of President Joe Biden. The term caught fire after the profanity-laced chant was mistaken by an NBC Sports reporter at a NASCAR race last October.

The department’s statement didn’t make it immediately clear whether Kirtlan is subject to investigation for the sticker seen on his rear window. Fingerprints that cut through the dust on the rear window of the SUV, near where the sticker was placed, suggests it was put there shortly before the Youtuber came across it.

“We are working to understand how these stickers were placed on our vehicles, which were immediately removed upon discovery. Per City policy, public resources may not be used for political purposes. We ask that anyone with information surrounding these incidents to please contact the Sacramento Police Department.”

The inquiry is the latest in a series of investigations launched by the department involving former and current officers, including an investigation involving sexting by an officer who resigned before it could be completed. The city began releasing records on that probe last month at request of The Update.

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