Poland wants Elk Grove man to stand trial in 2007 Christmas Eve killing

Ciechanow District Police Station via Google Maps

ELK GROVE, Calif. — An Elk Grove man, detained under a federal hold at the Sacramento County Main Jail, could be extradited to Poland to face charges that he beat a man to death with a wooden stick when he was 16.

Dawid Tomasz Wozniak, 30, was arrested in February by US Marshals after Polish officials sent an extradition request to federal prosecutors in Sacramento, informing them that the man they wanted to try for killing someone 15 years ago resided in Elk Grove.

Wozniak’s arrest and pending extradition was first reported Tuesday by Nate Gartrell of the Bay Area News Group.

According to court documents obtained and released by The Update, Wozniak is accused of beating a man to death with a stick in a “drunken rage” while out with his friends on Christmas Eve.

According to the documents, the then-teen and four friends drove to the village of Grudusk, 60 miles out from Warsaw, in two separate vehicles. The men allegedly stopped at a supermarket at 11:00 PM, when Wozniak suddenly approached a man’s car with a wooden stick.

According to prosecutors, Wozniak attempted to drag an unidentified man out of his car but was stopped by his friends and began to walk towards a sports stadium on a nearby street. On that street, three people waited for a friend outside of her house.

Wozniak again launched a sudden attack. He began beating one of the men with the stick as a friend, Syzmon Rutkowski, hit him as well. A nearby pedestrian who began to object to the attack was also ruthlessly beaten, quickly becoming the main focus of Wozniak and his friend.

Wozniak began to beat the man, Andrezj Malinowski, in the head with the stick as Rutkowski kicked him. Malinowski collapsed on the ground and the duo fled, driving out of Grudusk.

One week later, the man died of acute breathing and circulation failure relating to several serious injuries to his skull and brain from the attack. A medical expert said he developed intracranial hypertension syndrome and swelling of the brain, which caused “irreversible destruction of the nervous centers necessary to live.”

Wozniak has only been charged with one count of grievous bodily injury resulting in death in relation to the killing of Malinowski. He hasn’t been charged in relation to dragging the unidentified man out of his car, or for beating the man waiting on the street for his friend.

His lawyers have filed a sealed motion asking a judge to consider letting him out on bail, the contents of which will be released following a hearing on the matter on the 29th. The US Attorney’s Office has objected to the motion, arguing that Wozniak is a flight risk and fails to meet the special circumstances required for bail in federal extradition cases.

Ethan Biando
Ethan Biando is a freelance journalist from Sacramento. His writing focuses on crime, courts, and policing. Find him on Twitter @ethanb822

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