Mozzy turns himself in to begin 1-year sentence for federal gun charge

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Local rapper Mozzy, real name Timothy Patterson, turned himself in yesterday to begin serving a one-year federal sentence on a gun charge, according to a spokesperson for the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

“We can confirm Timothy Cornell Patterson entered Bureau of Prisons’ custody at the United States Penitentiary (USP) Atwater on July 28, 2022,” Randilee Giamusso said. “He has a projected release date of July 23, 2023.”

Mozzy’s charge rises from a traffic stop in January of 2021 in Culver City, California. Police there pulled the “Sleep Walkin” rapper over for traffic violations, smelled burnt marijuana, and searched the car. They found a Glock 26, 16 rounds of 9mm ammunition, and a “personal use” amount of marijuana. Mozzy was booked and released after posting $35,000 bail.

Later, the District Attorney’s Office rejected the rapper’s case and referred it to a local US Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles. US Marshals picked him up at an unrelated court appearance in Las Vegas. The rapper and his wife, Sukhjit Singh, went half on a $1 Million appearance bond, and he bonded out on his federal charge.

Mozzy, who now lives in Sherman Oaks, pled guilty in January to the charge, and his lawyers asked for a sentence of probation, citing the rapper’s ties to the community in Sacramento and a study that found murder to be the leading cause of death in rappers.

“Absent an attack on him or his family, he would never use the firearm; thus there is virtually no danger to society,” Mozzy’s lawyers wrote in a brief.

The rapper’s legal team laid out a brief summary of his life, saying he was born into “poverty, neglect, and drug addiction” in Oak Park. His family members wrote to Judge Percy Anderson, recalling how his frequently incarcerated father abused his family in the little time he was available at home, and how his mother would take drugs and try to hide from the kids so they wouldn’t see her under the influence.

The rapper himself also wrote to the judge, calling his gun charge a “mistake” he would ultimately learn and become a better person from.

“This case made me realize that everything I have accomplished and built can be taken away because of a single mistake or lapse in judgement,” he wrote. “I once read that, ‘a stumble may prevent a fall.’ I believe this was my ‘stumble’ which will prevent me from taking a ‘fall’. I think I needed something like this to give a little more structure to my life.”

Prosecutors asked Anderson to sentence Mozzy to 10 months, citing his validation by law enforcement with the Fourth Avenue Bloods, and an admitted history of drug abuse from a young age. Prosecutors say he tested positive for Marijuana while on pretrial release and asked the judge to impose drug counseling.

They said the rapper’s difficult upbringing was no excuse for breaking the law and asserted that a stiff prison sentence would “carry the message” to Mozzy and others that gun possession is a serious crime.

“Defendant appears not to understand that, as a previously-convicted felon, he is prohibited by law from possessing a firearm, regardless of whatever risks his profession may entail,” the government wrote.

Anderson ended up undercutting both parties, sentencing the rapper to two months over the government’s recommendation.

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