Rancho Cordova man admitted to molesting adopted daughter, detective says

PHOTO: Crandee Gabino via LinkedIn
This story involves child sexual assault. Reader discretion is advised.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A Rancho Cordova man facing three felony charges for allegedly sexually abusing his adopted daughter in 2017 has admitted to his crimes, a detective with the Sacramento Sheriff’s Office wrote in a warrant affidavit obtained and released by The Update.

The man, 46-year-old Crandee Gabino, is held at the Sacramento County Jail on $1 Million bail. He was charged in September with four counts of committing a lewd act with a child under 14, three counts of a lewd act with a child under 14 using force, and one count of child rape.

Gabino, an alcoholic, pleaded no contest to misdemeanor charges of drunk driving on a suspended license in August of 2018. He was sentenced to 4 years of non-searchable probation, which was revoked less than a year later after he stopped showing up to DUI school. Records show he spent 58 days in custody.

In October of 2019, he was sentenced to spend 40 days in a Sheriff’s Work Project following a conviction for misdemeanor hit-and-run. Gabino was driving on Zinfandel Drive near Highway 50 when he struck another car, causing damage to its hood and front bumper, before taking off. He was arrested 4 days later at his home following an investigation by RCPD’s traffic unit.

While held in jail for the hit-and-run charge, detectives say, Gabino waived his Miranda rights and confessed to sexually abusing his 12-year-old daughter. Gabino told authorities that he fondled the girl with his hands and penetrated her vaginally, effectively closing an investigation that had begun months earlier.

The Update has redacted a common first name, that officials used to refer to Gabino’s daughter, pursuant to the News Values and Principles authored by the Associated Press.

The girl told investigators, working with CPS and SAFE in early 2019, that Gabino rubbed her vagina with his bare hands several times a week across a period of around a month in 2017. She also said Gabino tried to sodomize her.

In September of that year, when the family lived in unincorporated Sacramento County, Gabino entered the shower while the girl was using it and rubbed her bare body with his hands, using his index and middle finger to rub the outside of her vagina. She told investigators that Gabino’s fingers went inside of her.

Also in September, Gabino woke the girl up in the middle of the night as he tried to take her pants off. She told Detective A.M. Cater that she pushed her father away and made noise in an effort to get him to leave. She said Gabino woke her from her sleep several times a week from September to November of 2017. The girl said the incidents occurred more than 5 times, but less than 10.

In October or November of 2017, when Gabino’s partner wasn’t home, he entered the girl’s room as she lied in bed watching videos on her computer. Gabino rubbed her left buttock and tried to take her clothes off. She kicked at him until he left the room.

In early November 2017, the girl awoke to Gabino naked, forcing himself on top of her. He allegedly pinned down the girl’s arms, took her underwear off, and forced his erect penis inside of her. The girl told officials she recalled feeling pain inside her vagina, but didn’t think Gabino was able to enter.

Gabino’s trial is currently scheduled for January 24th after being pushed back due to COVID-19. Records show he hasn’t yet entered a plea, and no information on his legal counsel was immediately available through the online court system. The Update was unable to reach them for comment.

Ethan Biando
Ethan Biando is a freelance journalist from Sacramento. His writing focuses on crime, courts, and policing. Find him on Twitter @ethanb822

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