ATF joins search for Payton in K Street shooting

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms on Wednesday announced a $10,000 reward for accused K Street shooter Mtula Payton, who is currently at large following the chaotic shooting that killed 6 and littered the street with hundreds of bullets in early April.

“Mtula Tashamby Payton is wanted in connection with multiple homicides,” a wanted poster drafted by officials reads. “On 4/2/2022, a mass shooting occurred in Sacramento that took the lives of 6 people and injured 12 others.”

Payton, 27, is one of five suspected shooters and one of three individuals charged with killing bystanders Yamile Martinez, Melinda Davis, and Johntaya Alexander.

Payton is accused of helping start a mass gunfight as two rival gangs spotted each other as the clubs let out that night. Payton and Turner, G-Mobb members, approached a group of men including Dandrae Martin, Smiley Martin, and Joshua Hoye, validated Garden Blocc Crips.

According to an arrest warrant affidavit released by the District Attorney’s Office, the Martin brothers and Hoye “appeared to stand off” in front of Payton and Turner near Sharif Jewelers before Payton broke off from the group, walking to his white Chevrolet equinox and stuffing an item in his sweatshirt.

On the way back, Payton was joined by Sergio Harris, who prosecutors say was a G-Mobb ally as a Del Paso Heights Blood affiliate. Harris Payton’s group in walking back towards the Martin brothers and Hoye.

When the groups re-converged, according to a Blood-affiliated witness who spoke with police, the men began to scream and curse at each other, and Payton exposed a gun in his waistband, causing the majority of the crowd to run away.

The late-night crowd fleeing as the altercation began (PHOTO: Sacramento Superior Court filing)

“Everybody’s coming out of District 30 going towards London. Walking down the street,” the witness recalled from his hospital bed. “The only thing I heard was MOB this and MOB that, and everybody was scattering.”

As the groups continued to get closer and closer, the confrontation getting more tense by the second, a shot rang out. Turner began to backpedal as he, Payton, Harris, and the Martin brothers fired at each other. The shots struck Joshua Hoye, Sergio Harris, and three uninvolved bystanders including a homeless woman sleeping on the sidewalk. Turner was also shot and killed.

“SMILEY MARTIN stepped to the west and fired the handgun in his hand towards [Devazia Turner],” the affidavit reads. “The muzzle flash from the handgun was large and sustained, which detectives recognized as being consistent with being a full-automatic gun firing.”

Payton and the Martin brothers ran in opposite directions, with Payton firing indiscriminately as he ran. He got back into his Chevy Equinox and fled the scene.

The Martin brothers and four others fled past the light rail station and the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, with Smiley discarding his modified pistol before collapsing to the ground at the intersection of 11th Street and Jazz Alley.

Following autopsies and the review of video surveillance, detectives said they found that the Martin brothers shot and killed Harris, Turner, Alexander, and Davis. Harris, Payton, and Devazia Turner struck and killed Joshua Hoye and Yamile Martinez.

Because of the gun battle, according to charging documents, the men are considered criminally liable for every death charged in the incident. None of the men have been charged with killing the alleged gang affiliates.

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