Accused Pleasure Dome mod re-arrested for sexting minors on Discord

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A man suspected of sharing several videos of child pornography with an undercover FBI agent told a judge he would get off the internet as a condition of his pretrial release.

Prosecutors say they later discovered that the suspect was using Discord to send sexually charged chats and nude photos to underage children, some of whom he confessed a love interest in. He was re-arrested last month and remanded to custody at the Sacramento County Main Jail.

As The Update first reported, Andrew Patrick Calhoun was indicted last year in Chattanooga, Tennessee after allegedly sharing child porn through Kik with an undercover agent working there. His case was soon moved to Sacramento following a period of brief legal wrangling.

Prosecutors said at the time that he operated a chatroom called “The Pleasure Dome”, where users would view and swap explicit imagery including photos and film of children as young as 2 being raped.

After agents raided his home in Sacramento, he allegedly admitted to sharing 3 videos of “pretty young kids” he got through a cloud storage app. Forensic examination of his phone led investigators to several minor children he allegedly enticed and obtained explicit images from. Those children tipped the feds off to his Discord account.

FBI agents then subpoenaed information about Calhoun’s account. Mik#5444, as he was out on bond and successfully applied for a search warrant. The returned communications, according to court papers, contained conversations with four Discord users, one of whom was a minor some of the time.

“I was in jail and now I’m being charged with something bad I didn’t do,” Calhoun wrote in the message. “I can’t be online, and I’m not supposed to communicate with ppl under 18 right now. Just know I love you… I love you with all my heart.”

Calhoun told the child that he moved into an RV after his brother, Ricky, abandoned him after they were supposed to live together under his court-ordered conditions of release.

Several interactions with the child, identified only as CK405, turned sexual, prosecutors say. The duo discussed ejaculating, CK405’s semen, and even swapped pictures.

“Crap, I forgot I’m not supposed to do that lol,” Calhoun said after sharing a now-deleted image. “Just delete it lol.”

Investigators detail recovered chatlogs with several other minors that they say the man communicated with. He allegedly duped one child, who went by the screenname “Reaper”, with selfies and nude photos of an unknown 17-year-old in an effort to convince him he was around his same age.

“It is believed that Calhoun was using the facial pics of the unknown teenage male referenced above as well as the images and videos of the unknown males’ lower body to pass off as his own,” one document reads. “In all known communications with minor males Calhoun portrayed himself as being between 17-20 years old.”

Calhoun allegedly spoke with other minors referenced in court documents, whose usernames are redacted, swapping pornographic images and sharing information about his arrest.

“Discord user [redacted] indicates that he is from the East Coast and states ‘When I have growth spurts i get into a daze and i suck at gaming’. Calhoun also states, “If I were on the east coast I’d visit you every day,” part of the return reads.

In conversations with the final user, Calhoun allegedly blamed his arrest on his ex-partner.

“So why aren’t you coming back to kik?” the individual asked.

“My ex was saving secret child porn files on my laptop and I didn’t know,” Calhoun answered. “The FBI kicked my door in and took every phone and laptop and computer I had.”

Proceedings will resume in the case in September for a status conference, and Calhoun will seek bail review in October, according to online court records.

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