What is The Sacramento Update?

  • The Update is an independent, online news publication focused around issues of public safety and local government in Sacramento and its surrounding areas.
  • The Update was created as an offspring of Ethanb822.com beginning in May in order to form a more professional, full-fledged digital footprint surrounding crucial reporting on courts and policing published on that website. Everything that was there, you can find here.

The Update focuses on in-depth journalism as a public service

The Update publishes in-depth reporting on various issues of public safety free-of-charge for the benefit of the public, using a combination of court documents, arrest records, official statements, and California PRA requests to break down intricate situations for a broad audience. We funnel content to online content aggregator NewsBreak, as well as several Sacramento-area Facebook groups to put accurate, detailed information in the forefront of public discourse.

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The Update follows the News Values and Principles authored by the Associated Press.