Started in 2022, The beginning of my journey to the succulent worlds

Am fall in love with gardening since am found that so many plant has benefit to the our health. the reason why am love the succulents plan is the are so many unique varieties that i can found.

Here is my blog talking about succulents. With so many variety available in the world we can choose what we want.

Air Quality and Purification

Succulents can help purify indoor air by absorbing volatile organic compounds like benzene and ammonia. They release water vapor through their pores during photosynthesis, which helps increase humidity and prevent dry air. This can relieve symptoms like sore throats, coughs, and dry skin. Popular air-purifying succulents include snake plants and aloe vera.

Medicinal Uses

Many succulents have medicinal properties and have been used historically to treat issues like inflammation, cuts, burns, and stomachaches. Aloe vera gel in particular is known for its anti-inflammatory effects, especially for digestive issues]. Parts of yucca plants also have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits.

Mood and Productivity

Having succulents in a home office or workspace has been linked to improved productivity, concentration, focus, and overall mood. Studies show plants can reduce stress levels and help people bounce back from a difficult workday. Their presence has also been associated with reduced prevalence of “sick building syndrome” symptoms.

Low Maintenance

Succulents are very low maintenance compared to other houseplants, making them great for beginner gardeners or busy households. They adapt well to various climates and can tolerate some neglect when it comes to watering and care.

The reasons to grow succulents at home include their ability to purify air, provide medicinal benefits, potentially boost productivity and mood, and their ease of care. Their variety and aesthetics are also big draws for plant lovers. Let me know if you have any other questions!

So lets begin our journey!!!

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